Since 1988...

About Us

Who we are?

Yırtıcı Construction was established in 1998 by Ali Yırtıcı. Since its establishment, it has gained a respectable place in the construction sector by showing steady growth with professionalism, creativity, honesty, and market development strategies.

The company management, which closely follows the developments in the sector and the new demands in the market, continues to be one of the leading companies in the industry with its strong administrative and financial background. Our company, which continues to implement major engineering projects, has brought many residences, business centers, and shops to Cyprus since its establishment.

The experience and professionalism of its personnel and the strategy and organizational success of the management team have been influential in the success of Yırtıcı Construction. It has achieved a serious reputation in the sector by completing its commitments on time and above the expected quality levels.

The Yırtıcı family has adopted modern management techniques in all its contracting and investment projects, preferred materials, and craftsmanship that have proven themselves in the market. It has completed its projects on time and has succeeded in being a company that never deviates from its customer satisfaction focus.

Our Core Values

For us, success is making our customers happy. We offer quality designs at affordable prices on time and as promised. We always keep unconditional customer satisfaction at the forefront by producing the most suitable solutions for changing and developing customers’ expectations.
We see quality as the quality of construction and an added value that makes people’s lives better. With our strategy focused on “quality facilities, quality lives,” we develop the best usage model and design real estate projects that will leave an aesthetic and functional mark with our innovative style.
Based on the understanding of respect for humans and nature, we protect the environment with the awareness of sustainability and keep occupational health and safety at the highest level, and work with zero error so that society can use the projects we realize with confidence.
Being aware of the responsibilities of being a leading institution, we observe the policies of honesty, integrity, and stability in our work and provide transparent and clear communication with stakeholders about decisions and activities that affect the environment and society.