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Investment in Northern Cyprus

Cyprus is an island located between Europe and the Middle East, has a Mediterranean climate, and is known for its holiday centers being open to tourism in all seasons.

The island of Cyprus was divided into two as Northern and Southern Cyprus, after 1974. With its affordable prices and strategic location, Northern Cyprus provides high-profit margins to residents and investors.

Real Estate Investment in Northern Cyprus

The good economic situation of Northern Cyprus, low gasoline prices, and being cheaper than the Southern part allow people to have a more prosperous lifestyle. The investment procedures are also more straightforward than the Southern part.

The island of Northern Cyprus hosts university students from many countries and regions due to the developed higher education sector. In addition to all these, this situation effectively increases the value of real estate investments. Real estate investors can use their assets advantageously by renting them out to meet the housing needs of university students. Moreover, the property tax paid is very low, so you can quickly generate income without tax difficulties and accelerate your return on investment.

Real Estate Investment Options

Northern Cyprus offers many options for investing. Investors tend to buy houses or buildings, relying on their safe and profitable structure. On the other hand, foreign investors tend to invest in villas with detached pools by the sea.

Therefore, build-sell projects and construction partnerships are among the most suitable cooperation options for Northern Cyprus.

In Which Regions Should Investment Be Made?

Although the answer to this question varies according to the investment type and value, a general answer can be given by looking at the favorite places of the last period. In recent years, the neighborhoods preferred by the student and local population or the areas where the sea and the forest intersect, especially favored by foreign investors, have been the most preferred areas.

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